Caister Academic Press

Genomic View on Antifungal Resistance Mechanisms Among Yeast and Fungal Pathogens

Dominique Sanglard
from: Candida: Comparative and Functional Genomics (Edited by: Christophe d'Enfert and Bernhard Hube). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2007)


Most of the currently available antifungal agents are effective against common fungal pathogens, including Candida albicans and several other Candida species. Exposure of fungal pathogens to antifungal agents has different consequences (changes in gene expression, mobilization of signaling pathways, appearance of resistance). This review will summarize how genomic tools can contribute to characterize the response of fungal pathogens to antifungal agents and will give an update on the occurrence of resistance mechanisms across several yeast and fungal species read more ...
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