Caister Academic Press

Strategic Analysis of Candida albicans Gene Function

Ryan L. Subaran and Aaron P. Mitchell
from: Candida: Comparative and Functional Genomics (Edited by: Christophe d'Enfert and Bernhard Hube). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2007)


Between genetics and genomics, this is an exciting time to study fungal pathogens. We have employed a strategy based on mutant analysis of transcription factors to understand Candida albicans. Screening through a collection of homozygous insertion mutants, we have identified the transcription factors Bcr1 and Cas5 as master regulators of biofilm formation and the cell wall damage response, respectively. Analysis of their target genes has yielded insight into the pathways in which they are involved and uncovered new mechanistic information about biofilm formation and the cell wall damage response read more ...
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