Caister Academic Press

Higher Chain Alcohols from Non-fermentative Pathways

Jordan T. McEwen, Yohei Tashiro and Shota Atsumi
from: Biofuels: From Microbes to Molecules (Edited by: Xuefeng Lu). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2014)


Utilizing microorganisms for production of biofuels is one approach being explored to accommodate energy need of an increasingly modern population worldwide and to remedy heightened CO2 emissions. Although ethanol production is well established, higher (C3-C10) alcohols possess chemical properties that are more similar to gasoline. However, natural microorganisms do not naturally produce these alcohols efficiently. Diverse approaches have been applied to microorganisms for the production of higher chained alcohols. These include: design and construction of biosynthetic pathways, optimization of genetic and regulatory processes, and engineering of enzymes for non-native substrate activity. This chapter will focus on the current approaches and techniques for engineering microorganisms for production of C3-C10 alcohols read more ...
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