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Bacteriophages in Aquaculture

Yongping Xu, Hongyu Ren, Yongsheng Ma, Zhen Li, Xiaoyu Li, Lili Wang and Shuying Li
from: Bacterial Viruses: Exploitation for Biocontrol and Therapeutics (Edited by: Aidan Coffey and Colin Buttimer). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2020) Pages: 353-382.


Aquaculture is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and an essential part of economic development for numerous countries worldwide. However, large-scale intensive farming in this sector has led to increased occurrence of aquatic diseases leading to substantial financial losses. Additionally, the application of antibiotics and chemical drugs has become increasingly limited, which brings additional challenges to the prevention and treatment of diseases. Bacteriophages (phages) are bacterial viruses that naturally occur in nature and have the potential to be viable alternatives to chemical-based antibacterial agents. In this chapter, we will examine the progress and challenges towards the development of phage-based disease control for this industry read more ...
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