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Polish Contribution to the Advancement of Phage Treatment in Humans

Maciej Żaczek, Beata Weber-Dąbrowska, Marzanna Łusiak-Szelachowska, Ryszard Międzybrodzki and Andrzej Górski
from: Bacterial Viruses: Exploitation for Biocontrol and Therapeutics (Edited by: Aidan Coffey and Colin Buttimer). Caister Academic Press, U.K. (2020) Pages: 187-202.


Polish research has helped to understand the significance of phage treatment in the new post-antibiotic reality. Its continuous growth over the decades distinguishes Poland from other countries, particularly from those located in the west of Europe and North America. Polish pioneering reports, although somewhat forgotten, remain one of the most compelling historical sources for researchers trying to piece together an incomplete picture of phage-related information. An ongoing phage renaissance constitutes an excellent opportunity to emphasize the significance of Polish efforts towards the development of phage therapy. Notably, the recent pandemic of COVID-19 demonstrates the importance of compassionate treatment in life-threatening circumstances. Such expanded access to phages has had a long tradition in Poland and shows robust insights into the clinical aspects of phage treatment in the last few decades read more ...
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