Caister Academic Press

Information and FAQs for Editors

What is the procedure for editing a volume?
You should have received an email containing our NOTES FOR EDITORS. If you do not have this document please contact us.
Where are the Instructions for Authors?
These are available at and include a FAQs for Authors section. Ask all authors to read this information.
Do authors have to assign copyright?
Yes. All authors should complete and return our Copyright Transfer Form. We must have a signed copyright form for each manuscript.
Can authors use figures or tables copied from other publications?
Copyright law prevents us from publishing copyrighted material. Authors are advised NOT to submit any material that has been published previously. Please see Author FAQs for more information.
Do I have to prepare an index?
No, an index is not strictly necessary although we do recommend that you prepare an index when requested.
What is the Preface?
The editor should write the Preface. This is a brief introduction to the volume, describing its subject, scope and aims and may finish with acknowledgements. The name and affiliation of the editor(s) should be placed at the end of the preface. There is no upper or lower limit but a preface is normally between half a page and several pages in length. If required, a longer introduction to the scientific content is better written as a separate article in the volume and in this case a brief Preface would still be required. Note: A brief introduction written by a different person is called a Foreword and is optional. If present, the Foreword precedes the Preface.
Can I design the cover?
The cover is normally designed by our prepress department. It needs to be technically accurate in terms of margins, spine, bleed, crop marks, etc. It is one of the final tasks and cannot be completed until we know the number of pages so that the spine size etc can be calculated. The cover design is often based on one or more figures from the volume.
What is wrong with the cover picture on your website?
A "placeholder" cover is used on our website until the cover is finalised. This "placeholder" is often very plain and will be replaced with the final cover.
Do I have to meet the deadline?
Please try! Sometimes with multiauthor works a situation can arise in which some authors submit their manuscript on time while others are considerably late. When the volume is eventually published the manuscripts submitted in a timely manner are noticeably out-of-date. To avoid this unfair and often contentious situation we try to adhere to a fixed deadline. Please ask authors to facilitate this process by submitting manuscripts by the date requested (earlier would be very much appreciated).
Where and when do I send the manuscripts?
Please send us everything together in one package. Wait until you have all the manuscripts (final edited versions with citations and reference lists in correct format).
  1. Number the manuscripts in the order they will appear in the volume.
  2. Please supply a file containing the email addresses of the corresponding author of each manuscript.
  3. Please supply a short description of the volume (roughly 200 words) that could be used on the back cover. This will be used for marketing and promotion.
  4. Please don't forget to send us the signed Copyright Transfer Forms and Permissions Forms for each manuscript.
Send us the files by one of the following methods:
  1. Email. Please ZIP the files first and use a free service such as to send us the large ZIP file.
  2. FTP. When you have all the files ready please ask us for the FTP address, username and password. You can ZIP the files if you wish.
If your authors have not already sent a signed Copyright Transfer Form now is a good time to remind them ... we have to have one for each manuscript. Download the form at: