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  1. Legionellosis Diagnosis and Control in the Genomic Era
  2. Bacterial Viruses: Exploitation for Biocontrol and Therapeutics
  3. Microbial Biofilms: Current Research and Practical Implications
  4. Astrobiology: Current, Evolving and Emerging Perspectives
  5. Chlamydia Biology: From Genome to Disease
  6. Bats and Viruses: Current Research and Future Trends
  7. SUMOylation and Ubiquitination: Current and Emerging Concepts
  8. Avian Virology: Current Research and Future Trends
  9. Microbial Exopolysaccharides: Current Research and Developments
  10. Polymerase Chain Reaction: Theory and Technology
  11. Pathogenic Streptococci: From Genomics to Systems Biology and Control
  12. Insect Molecular Virology: Advances and Emerging Trends
  13. Methylotrophs and Methylotroph Communities
  14. Prions: Current Progress in Advanced Research (Second Edition)
  15. Microbiota: Current Research and Emerging Trends
  16. Microbial Ecology: Current Advances from Genomics, Metagenomics and Other Omics
  17. Porcine Viruses: From Pathogenesis to Strategies for Control
  18. Lactobacillus Genomics and Metabolic Engineering
  19. Cyanobacteria: Signaling and Regulation Systems
  20. Viruses of Microorganisms
  21. Protozoan Parasitism: From Omics to Prevention and Control
  22. Genes, Genetics and Transgenics for Virus Resistance in Plants
  23. Plant-Microbe Interactions in the Rhizosphere
  24. DNA Tumour Viruses: Virology, Pathogenesis and Vaccines
  25. Pathogenic Escherichia coli: Evolution, Omics, Detection and Control
  26. Postgraduate Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for PhD and Master's Students and their Supervisors
  27. Enteroviruses: Omics, Molecular Biology, and Control
  28. Molecular Biology of Kinetoplastid Parasites
  29. Bacterial Evasion of the Host Immune System
  30. Illustrated Dictionary of Parasitology in the Post-Genomic Era
  31. Next-generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics for Plant Science
  32. Brewing Microbiology: Current Research, Omics and Microbial Ecology
  33. Metagenomics: Current Advances and Emerging Concepts
  34. The CRISPR/Cas System: Emerging Technology and Application
  35. Bacillus: Cellular and Molecular Biology (Third edition)
  36. Cyanobacteria: Omics and Manipulation
  37. Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus: Current Research and Emerging Trends
  38. Staphylococcus: Genetics and Physiology
  39. Microbial Biodegradation: From Omics to Function and Application
  40. Influenza: Current Research
  41. Chloroplasts: Current Research and Future Trends
  42. The Bacteriocins: Current Knowledge and Future Prospects
  43. Brain-eating Amoebae: Biology and Pathogenesis of Naegleria fowleri
  44. MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry in Microbiology
  45. Aspergillus and Penicillium in the Post-genomic Era
  46. Acidophiles: Life in Extremely Acidic Environments
  47. Arboviruses: Molecular Biology, Evolution and Control
  48. Climate Change and Microbial Ecology: Current Research and Future Trends
  49. Biofilms in Bioremediation: Current Research and Emerging Technologies
  50. Omics in Plant Disease Resistance
  51. Microalgae: Current Research and Applications
  52. Gas Plasma Sterilization in Microbiology: Theory, Applications, Pitfalls and New Perspectives
  53. Virus Evolution: Current Research and Future Directions
  54. Shigella: Molecular and Cellular Biology
  55. Aquatic Biofilms: Ecology, Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment
  56. Alphaviruses: Current Biology
  57. Thermophilic Microorganisms
  58. Flow Cytometry in Microbiology: Technology and Applications
  59. Probiotics and Prebiotics: Current Research and Future Trends
  60. Epigenetics: Current Research and Emerging Trends
  61. Corynebacterium glutamicum: From Systems Biology to Biotechnological Applications
  62. Aeromonas
  63. Advanced Vaccine Research Methods for the Decade of Vaccines
  64. Antifungals: From Genomics to Resistance and the Development of Novel Agents
  65. Bacteria-Plant Interactions: Advanced Research and Future Trends
  66. Antibiotics: Current Innovations and Future Trends
  67. Leishmania: Current Biology and Control
  68. Acanthamoeba: Biology and Pathogenesis (2nd edition)
  69. Metagenomics of the Microbial Nitrogen Cycle: Theory, Methods and Applications
  70. Proteomics: Targeted Technology, Innovations and Applications
  71. Microarrays: Current Technology, Innovations and Applications
  72. Pathogenic Neisseria: Genomics, Molecular Biology and Disease Intervention
  73. Biofuels: From Microbes to Molecules
  74. Human Pathogenic Fungi: Molecular Biology and Pathogenic Mechanisms
  75. Applied RNAi: From Fundamental Research to Therapeutic Applications
  76. Halophiles: Genetics and Genomes
  77. Molecular Diagnostics: Current Research and Applications
  78. The Cell Biology of Cyanobacteria
  79. Phage Therapy: Current Research and Applications
  80. Bioinformatics and Data Analysis in Microbiology
  81. Pathogenic Escherichia coli: Molecular and Cellular Microbiology
  82. Campylobacter Ecology and Evolution
  83. Next-generation Sequencing: Current Technologies and Applications
  84. Applications of Molecular Microbiological Methods
  85. Burkholderia: From Genomes to Function
  86. Myxobacteria: Genomics, Cellular and Molecular Biology
  87. Omics in Soil Science
  88. Mollicutes: Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis
  89. Genome Analysis: Current Procedures and Applications
  90. Bacterial Membranes: Structural and Molecular Biology
  91. Cold-Adapted Microorganisms
  92. Bacterial Toxins: Genetics, Cellular Biology and Practical Applications
  93. Fusarium: Genomics, Molecular and Cellular Biology
  94. Prions: Current Progress in Advanced Research
  95. Real-Time PCR: Advanced Technologies and Applications
  96. RNA Editing: Current Research and Future Trends
  97. Microbial Efflux Pumps: Current Research
  98. Cytomegaloviruses: From Molecular Pathogenesis to Intervention (Vol. 2)
  99. Cytomegaloviruses: From Molecular Pathogenesis to Intervention (Vol. 1)
  100. Bacterial Gene Regulation and Transcriptional Networks
  101. Oral Microbial Ecology: Current Research and New Perspectives
  102. Bionanotechnology: Biological Self-assembly and its Applications
  103. Malaria Parasites: Comparative Genomics, Evolution and Molecular Biology
  104. Real-Time PCR in Food Science: Current Technology and Applications
  105. Bioremediation of Mercury: Current Research and Industrial Applications
  106. Neurospora: Genomics and Molecular Biology
  107. Rhabdoviruses: Molecular Taxonomy, Evolution, Genomics, Ecology, Host-Vector Interactions, Cytopathology and Control
  108. Horizontal Gene Transfer in Microorganisms
  109. Microbial Ecological Theory: Current Perspectives
  110. Two-Component Systems in Bacteria
  111. Foodborne and Waterborne Bacterial Pathogens: Epidemiology, Evolution and Molecular Biology
  112. Yersinia: Systems Biology and Control
  113. Bacterial Spores: Current Research and Applications
  114. Stress Response in Microbiology
  115. Bacterial Regulatory Networks
  116. Systems Microbiology: Current Topics and Applications
  117. Quantitative Real-time PCR in Applied Microbiology
  118. Small DNA Tumour Viruses
  119. Bacillus: Cellular and Molecular Biology (Second edition)
  120. Microbial Biofilms: Current Research and Applications
  121. Bacterial Glycomics: Current Research, Technology and Applications
  122. Non-coding RNAs and Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression: Drivers of Natural Selection
  123. Brucella: Molecular Microbiology and Genomics
  124. Extremophiles: Microbiology and Biotechnology
  125. Molecular Virology and Control of Flaviviruses
  126. Bacterial Pathogenesis: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms
  127. Bunyaviridae: Molecular and Cellular Biology
  128. Epigenetics: A Reference Manual
  129. Metagenomics: Current Innovations and Future Trends
  130. Emerging Trends in Antibacterial Discovery: Answering the Call to Arms
  131. Nitrogen Cycling in Bacteria: Molecular Analysis
  132. The Biology of Paramyxoviruses
  133. Helicobacter pylori
  134. Microbial Bioremediation of Non-metals: Current Research
  135. Lactic Acid Bacteria and Bifidobacteria: Current Progress in Advanced Research
  136. Viruses and Interferon: Current Research
  137. Essentials of Veterinary Parasitology
  138. Hepatitis C: Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development
  139. Streptomyces: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  140. Alphaherpesviruses: Molecular Virology
  141. Recent Advances in Plant Virology
  142. Vaccine Design: Innovative Approaches and Novel Strategies
  143. Salmonella: From Genome to Function
  144. PCR Troubleshooting and Optimization: The Essential Guide
  145. Environmental Microbiology: Current Technology and Water Applications
  146. Insect Virology
  147. Sensory Mechanisms in Bacteria: Molecular Aspects of Signal Recognition
  148. Bifidobacteria: Genomics and Molecular Aspects
  149. Molecular Phylogeny of Microorganisms
  150. Nanotechnology in Water Treatment Applications
  151. Iron Uptake and Homeostasis in Microorganisms
  152. Caliciviruses: Molecular and Cellular Virology
  153. Epstein-Barr Virus: Latency and Transformation
  154. Anaerobic Parasitic Protozoa: Genomics and Molecular Biology
  155. Lentiviruses and Macrophages: Molecular and Cellular Interactions
  156. Microbial Population Genetics
  157. Borrelia: Molecular Biology, Host Interaction and Pathogenesis
  158. Influenza: Molecular Virology
  159. RNA Interference and Viruses: Current Innovations and Future Trends
  160. The Prion Protein
  161. Retroviruses: Molecular Biology, Genomics and Pathogenesis
  162. Metagenomics: Theory, Methods and Applications
  163. Aspergillus: Molecular Biology and Genomics
  164. Environmental Molecular Microbiology
  165. Neisseria: Molecular Mechanisms of Pathogenesis
  166. Frontiers in Dengue Virus Research
  167. ABC Transporters in Microorganisms: Research, Innovation and Value as Targets against Drug Resistance
  168. Pili and Flagella: Current Research and Future Trends
  169. Lab-on-a-Chip Technology (Vol. 2): Biomolecular Separation and Analysis
  170. Lab-on-a-Chip Technology (Vol. 1): Fabrication and Microfluidics
  171. Bacterial Polysaccharides: Current Innovations and Future Trends
  172. Microbial Toxins: Current Research and Future Trends
  173. Plant Genomics
  174. Bacterial Secreted Proteins: Secretory Mechanisms and Role in Pathogenesis
  175. Acanthamoeba: Biology and Pathogenesis
  176. Lactobacillus Molecular Biology: From Genomics to Probiotics
  177. Mycobacterium: Genomics and Molecular Biology
  178. Real-Time PCR: Current Technology and Applications
  179. Clostridia: Molecular Biology in the Post-genomic Era
  180. Plant Pathogenic Bacteria: Genomics and Molecular Biology
  181. Microbial Production of Biopolymers and Polymer Precursors: Applications and Perspectives
  182. Pasteurellaceae: Biology, Genomics and Molecular Aspects
  183. Plasmids: Current Research and Future Trends
  184. Vibrio cholerae: Genomics and Molecular Biology
  185. Pathogenic Fungi: Insights in Molecular Biology
  186. Helicobacter pylori: Molecular Genetics and Cellular Biology
  187. Corynebacteria: Genomics and Molecular Biology
  188. Staphylococcus: Molecular Genetics
  189. Leishmania: After The Genome
  190. Archaea: New Models for Prokaryotic Biology
  191. Legionella: Molecular Microbiology
  192. RNA and the Regulation of Gene Expression: A Hidden Layer of Complexity
  193. Epigenetics
  194. Molecular Oral Microbiology
  195. Animal Viruses: Molecular Biology
  196. Segmented Double-stranded RNA Viruses: Structure and Molecular Biology
  197. Acinetobacter Molecular Biology
  198. Pseudomonas: Genomics and Molecular Biology
  199. Microbial Biodegradation: Genomics and Molecular Biology
  200. The Cyanobacteria: Molecular Biology, Genomics and Evolution
  201. Real-Time PCR in Microbiology: From Diagnosis to Characterization
  202. Coronaviruses: Molecular and Cellular Biology
  203. Bacteriophage: Genetics and Molecular Biology
  204. Bacillus: Cellular and Molecular Biology
  205. Candida: Comparative and Functional Genomics
  206. AIDS Vaccine Development: Challenges and Opportunities
  207. Alpha Herpesviruses: Molecular and Cellular Biology
  208. Pathogenic Treponema: Molecular and Cellular Biology
  209. PCR Troubleshooting: The Essential Guide
  210. Influenza Virology: Current Topics
  211. Microbial Subversion of Immunity: Current Topics
  212. Papillomavirus Research: From Natural History To Vaccines and Beyond
  213. Cytomegaloviruses: Molecular Biology and Immunology
  214. Epstein-Barr Virus
  215. Probiotics and Prebiotics: Scientific Aspects
  216. Foodborne Pathogens: Microbiology and Molecular Biology
  217. HIV Chemotherapy: A Critical Review
  218. Pathogenic Fungi: Host Interactions and Emerging Strategies for Control
  219. Pathogenic Fungi: Structural Biology and Taxonomy
  220. Malaria Parasites: Genomes and Molecular Biology
  221. MRSA: Current Perspectives
  222. Frontiers in Computational Genomics
  223. Genomics of GC-Rich Gram-Positive Bacteria
  224. Genomic Technologies: Present and Future
  225. Probiotics and Prebiotics: Where are We Going?