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Instructions for Authors (CIMB)

First, please read all the information on this page. Then submit using our online Submission Form. You should include the name, affiliation and email address of two acknowledged experts that have agreed to act as reviewers of your paper.

Publication Fees

An Article Processing Charge (APC) of USD 1699 or EURO 1399 or GBP 1110 must be paid on acceptance of an article and is payable by the authors, their institute or their funding body.

Getting your Article Accepted in CIMB

CIMB rejects over 50% of submitted papers. The main reasons for rejection are:
  1. The article is not written in an acceptable level of English
  2. The article is not a review article or mini-review
  3. The article is not within the scope of the journal
  4. The scientific content is not at a level acceptable for an international scientific journal
  5. Citations and references are not in the correct format
By paying attention to these points you increase the chance of your paper being accepted.

File Format

Manuscripts should be supplied as a Word file (doc or docx). Figures, figure legends and tables should be inserted in the text in the appropriate location.


Manuscripts must be written in perfect English. If English is not your first language please have your manuscript corrected professionally before submission. We do not recommend any particular company but many language correction services are available including (in alphabetical order):
American Journal Experts | Bioedit | Editage | Enago | Global English Editing | JournalPrep | LSS

Sections and Headings

Headings should be at the left margin, lower case and in bold type. Sub-headings should be at the left margin, lower case and in italics. Sub-sub-headings should be at the left margin, lower case and in plain text (no bold or italics). Articles should be sub-divided into the following sections:

* Abstract (each paper must include an abstract of approximately 100-200 words)
* Introduction
* The main text of the review (sub-sections are permissible)
* Acknowledgements (optional)
* References

References and Citations

References should be cited in the text in parentheses in order of date, as follows (Murillo et al., 2015; Jamal et al., 2016). The reference list should be in alphabetical order. Please include a DOI link for each reference, if available. Follow the style indicated:
Article in a journal:
Jamal, M., Khan, F.A., Da, L., Habib, Z., Dai, J., and Cao, G. (2016). Keeping CRISPR/Cas on-Target. Curr. Issues Mol. Biol. 20, 1-20.
Chapter in a book:
Tikhonov, A.N. (2016). Modeling Electron and Proton Transport in Chloroplasts. In Chloroplasts: Current Research and Future Trends, H. Kirchhoff, ed. (Norfolk, UK: Caister Academic Press), pp. 101-134.
An entire book:
Murillo, J., Vinatzer, B.A., Jackson, R.W., and Arnold, D.L. (2015). Bacteria-Plant Interactions: Advanced Research and Future Trends (Norfolk, UK: Caister Academic Press).
EndNote or Reference Manager: you can use the style of the journal "Cell" which is similar to ours (include the DOI link for each reference, if available).


Open access articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence. Under this license, authors retain ownership of the copyright for their article but articles are freely available throughout the world to read, download, copy, distribute and use, without charge as long as the original authors and source are credited.     Copyright transfer form     Permissions form

Terms and Conditions

By submitting an article to CIMB you warrant and confirm that all material including figures and tables is your own original work and has not been published previously in any form or language except for material that was published under Creative Commons licence or for which you hold the written permission of the copyright owner; that the article is not under consideration by any other publication and copyright has not been assigned; that the article does not infringe any existing copyright, contains nothing that is unlawful, libellous, or which would, if published, constitute a breach of contract or of confidence or of commitment given to secrecy and contains nothing that is a violation or infringement of any civil right of any party.
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