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CIMB Abstract

Curr. Issues Mol. Biol. (2004) 6: 189-200.

Molecular Phylogeny in 3-D

M. Milner, A.G. Bansode, A.L. Lawrence, S.A. Nevagi, V. Patwardhan and S.P. Modak

Molecular phylogenetic trees are constructed in three dimensions relative to the distribution of MW and pI classes and immunocrossreactivity against polyclonal antibodies to lens crystallins, as well as multiple sequence alignment between amino acid sequences, coding nucleotide sequences and the gene nucleotide sequences for ß-globin. Euclidian distances are estimated to position species in x, y, z space by multidimensional scaling and merged with bootstrap-tested branching pattern of Fitch & Margoliash plots to obtain 3-D phylogenetic tree. Compared to single attributes, phylogenetic trees based on multiple parameters allow significant repositioning of rodents, chiroptera and primates.

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