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CIMB Abstract

Curr. Issues Mol. Biol. (2018) 29: 37-48.

Snapshot: Targeting Macrophages as a Candidate for Tissue Regeneration

Jing Zhang, Yang Yang, Zhi Yang, Tian Li and Fulin Chen

Macrophages are a specific mononuclear cell group abundant in almost every organ of higher animals. This group is a pivotal part of the immune system and is involved in immune responses against exogenous antigen invasion. Recently, accumulating evidence has demonstrated that macrophages participate in wound repair and tissue regeneration. In this review, we will first introduce the influences of regeneration after injury in various tissues and organs among macrophage-depleted animal models. Second, the possible relationship between macrophages and reparation capacities will be discussed. Finally, we provide a general idea about the roles of macrophages in the injury- regeneration process and then discuss the current challenges and prospects of their clinical application. The information compiled here may be useful for regenerative research and may promote macrophages as a therapeutic target in regenerative medicine.

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