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CIMB Abstract

Curr. Issues Mol. Biol. (2017) 21: 73-98.

Transcriptomics and Biochemical Profiling: Current Dynamics in Elucidating the Potential Attributes of Olive

Zahid Hussain Shah, Bahget T. Hamooh, Ihsanullah Daur, Hafiz Mamoon Rehman and Fahad Alghabari

Various transcriptome studies have remained useful in unraveling the complexity of molecular pathways regulating the oil biochemical contents and fruit characteristics of agronomic value in olive. Genes networks associated with plant architect and abiotic stress tolerance have been constructed due to robust genomic data generated by the tools of genomics. This, familiarity will accelerate the breeding programmes in making the selection of high yielding olive genotypes promptly and efficiently. Moreover, comparative transcriptome studies for endogeneous enzymes at different expression sites explicate the contribution of various pathways in phenol and lipid oxidation in olive. Recently, non-targeted metabolomics and metabolic profiling techniques have not only made the understanding of metabolic changes easy but also elucidate biomarkers in fruits related to agronomic parameters and abiotic stresses. However, the alteration in the architectural build up of phenotypes auth-enticates the conservation of their potential genetic links that will invoke interest for future olive breeding.

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