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CIMB Abstract

Curr. Issues Mol. Biol. (2016) 18: 49-56.

SUMOylation: A link to future therapeutics

Faheem Ahmed Khan, Nuruliarizki Shinta Pandupuspitasari, Chun-Jie Huang, Xingjie Hao and ShuJun Zhang

SUMOylation, much of a similar process like ubiquitination catches attention across various research groups as a potential therapeutic target to fight various infectious and cancerous diseases. This idea take its strength from recent reports which unearth the molecular mechanisms of SUMOylation and its involvement in important diseases distributed across various kingdoms. At the beginning SUMOylation was considered a process affected only by viral diseases but subsequent reports enlighten its role in diseases caused by bacteria as well. This enhances the SUMOylation canvas and demanded more in-depth study of the process. The present review is an attempt to study the regulatory mechanism of genes when the natural SUMOylation pathway is disturbed, the cross-talk among SUMOylation and other post translational modifications, the role of miRNAs in controlling the function of transcripts, loading of RNA species into exosomes and the possible SUMOylation related therapeutic targets

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