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CIMB Abstract

Curr. Issues Mol. Biol. (2016) 18: 1-10.

The Role of Ubiquitination in Regulation of Innate Immune Signaling

Ali Zohaib, Xiaodong Duan, Bibo Zhu, Jing Ye, Shengfeng Wan, Huanchun Chen, Xueqin Liu and Shengbo Cao

Ubiquitination, also denoted ubiquitylation, is a posttranslational modification that has been implicated in the regulation of both innate and adaptive immune responses. Ubiquitination plays crucial roles in innate immune signaling by ensuring the proper orchestration of several signaling mediators that constitute a functional immune response. Herein, we briefly summarize the latest discoveries concerning the molecular ubiquitination-related machinery that senses, assembles, and disassembles innate immune signaling mediators.

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