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CIMB Abstract

Curr. Issues Mol. Biol. (2012) 14: 39-46.

A Perspective on the Mobilization, Localization and Delivery of Molecules in the Crowded Bacterial Cytoplasm

J. T. Trevors

It has been assumed that diffusion of molecules in the bacterial cytoplasm is the mechanism that moves molecules in the absence of cytoplasmic streaming. However, is there an undiscovered mechanism present that mobilizes cytoplasm and its molecular contents, and delivers tRNAs to specific ribosomes at specific bacterial cytoplasmic locations? Mobilization of specific tRNA (and also mRNA transcripts and ribosomes) and cell division proteins to specific intracellular locations may suggest that instructions and/or mechanism(s) are needed. The alternative is that molecular crowding in the cytoplasm is sufficient for gentle contact between mRNA, ribosomes and tRNA. Or is it plausible that the bacterial cytoplasm (and its contents) are mobilized with the outcome being more gentle collisions between molecules than by a diffusion only mechanism? One hypothesis is that cytoplasmic and molecule mobilization and spatial organization are possibly driven by the photons in thermal infrared (IR) radiation and generation of exclusion zone (EZ) water in the cytoplasm.

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