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Prions review

Excerpt from a book review of Prions: Current Progress in Advanced Research (Second Edition)
"The information provided in this book is comprehensive, accurate, and presented in an informative and logical manner ... valuable to research scientists ... goes into great detail about cellular mechanisms and current and past theories of prion biology ... this book is well written and comprehensive, and any research scientist who studies prion diseases should have this book in their reference library. Veterinary practitioners who work with species susceptible to prion diseases, particularly large cattle and sheep production facilities, should also consider purchasing this book. It contains valuable information on the pathogenesis and spread of prion diseases in affected species as well as effective decontamination procedures because inactivation of prions is quite different from that for conventional infectious disease agents." from JAVMA (2019) 255: 1356-1357 read more ...
Edited by: Akikazu Sakudo and Takashi Onodera
Essential reading for everyone working with prions from the PhD student to the experienced scientist.