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SUMOylation and Ubiquitination review

Excerpt from a book review of SUMOylation and Ubiquitination: Current and Emerging Concepts
"This is a comprehensive and in-depth overview of recent advances in our understanding of the physiological roles and mechanisms of action of these important regulatory covalent modifications. In addition, the book offers a technically rich description of the latest advances in the use of proteomic techniques to study the modification process and identify novel targets ... This is a comprehensive, in-depth resource for persons interested in the processes of ubiquitination and SUMOylation ... the book is at its best as a source of intensive and technically detailed descriptions of the latest advances in knowledge and methodology for active practitioners, whether graduate students, research associates, or principle investigators, both in their specific area of investigation as well as the progress across the field as a whole. The breadth and depth of coverage provided by an impressive group of experts renders this a valuable reference for any laboratory group working in this field ... The book is densely packed with information ... This book represents a novel and quality addition to this genre." from Doodys read more ...
Edited by: Van G. Wilson
Reviews current and emerging concepts on the principles of ubiquitination and SUMOylation and highlights new advances.