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Fusarium review

Excerpt from a book review of Fusarium: Genomics, Molecular and Cellular Biology
"the volume is also produced and edited to the highest of standards. It will be required by all working at the genomic level to combat diseases caused by Fusarium species, but will also be of interest to those working on that level on other filamentous ascomycetes in which similar genes and activities can be expected." from IMA Fungus (2013) 4:58. read more ...
Fusarium: Genomics, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Edited by: Daren W. Brown and Robert H. Proctor
Caister Academic Press
Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-25-6 £159, $319. Ebook: ISBN 978-1-908230-75-1 £159, $319
An international group of researchers critically reviews the most important current research on the genomics and molecular and cellular biology of Fusarium. Essential for everyone working with this and other filamentous fungi. read more ...
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