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Ebola virus

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Ebola and Marburg Viruses: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Editor: Hans-Dieter Klenk and Heinz Feldmann (Institute for Virology, Marburg and Canadian Science Centre, Winnipeg)
Publication date: January 2004
Ebook: Only GBP 9.99
Pages: x + 370

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Ebola and Marburg viruses cause severe haemorrhagic fevers. Much research has been performed in recent years on the molecular and genetic properties of these viruses and in particular has focused on molecular structure, replication and virus-host interactions. This book presents a comprehensive review of the research on these highly virulent viruses. Topics covered include the genomics and molecular biology of filoviruses, pathogenesis, replication, epidemiology, pathogenicity, approaches to vaccine development, virus-host interactions and the immune response.


"This book presents a comprehensive review of curent research on Ebola and Marburg viruses .... Researchers and students alike will find this book very useful." from CAB Abstracts.

"This book is expensive, but of outstanding value. It is highly recommended to all virologists and infectious disease physicians as well as to molecular biologists, immunologists and interested vaccinologists." from Microbiology Today (2004) 31: 103.

"Programs in infectious disease, international health and veterinary and zoonotic diseases will want to have this book in their collections. It is recommended for all biology and biomedical science library collections." from E-Streams (2004) 7(8). Reviewed by: Kristine M. Alpi, Lecturer in Public Health, Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

"Presents an extensive review of historical and current research on Ebola and Marburg viruses ... recommended for academic and special libraries" from E-Streams (2004) 7(12). Reviewed by: Beth Thomsett-Scott, Science librarian, University of North Texas Science and Technology Library.

"This is an excellent reference for anyone doing research with these viruses as well as for educators in virology." from Doody's Book Reviews. Reviewed by: Richard J. Baltaro, MD, PhD (Creighton University School of Medicine).