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Cold-Adapted Microorganisms review

Excerpt from a book review of Cold-Adapted Microorganisms
"carefully edited and with an extensive bibliography ... a wealth of interesting findings and a very good access to the primary literature " from Erhard Bremer (Marburg, Germany) writing in BIOspektrum (2014) 20: 256-357. read more ...
Cold-Adapted Microorganisms
Edited by: Isao Yumoto
Caister Academic Press
Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-26-3 £159, $319. Ebook: ISBN 978-1-908230-90-4 £159, $319
Covers the major aspects of biodiversity in cold ecosystems, the physiology and molecular adaptation mechanisms, and the various biomolecules related to cold adaptation. A valuable resource for scientists interested in cold-adapted microorganisms, extremophiles, microbial ecology and environmental microbiology. read more ...
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