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Bacterial Viruses

Aidan Coffey and Colin Buttimer present a new book on Bacterial Viruses: Exploitation for Biocontrol and Therapeutics
Written by internationally-recognised scientists involved in the exploitation of bacterial viruses in diverse areas from around the world, this book provides comprehensive coverage of the current research in several phage applications for biocontrol of undesirable bacteria in human and veterinary medicine, horticulture, aquaculture and food. Chapters from the famous centres of phage therapy in Wrocław and Tbilisi detail some of the pioneering historical contributions to the topic. The book also examines the impact of phages on the human microbiome as well as the progress of research in phage engineering, phage enzymes, phage delivery systems, biodetection as well as intellectual property aspects. Aimed at research scientists, advanced students and other professionals, this informative and up-to-date book is a recommended acquisition for all science and medical libraries read more ...
Edited by: Aidan Coffey and Colin Buttimer
Internationally-recognised scientists describe the exploitation of bacterial viruses in diverse areas including applications for biocontrol of undesirable bacteria in human and veterinary medicine, horticulture, aquaculture. and food.

Microbiota review

Excerpt from a book review of Microbiota: Current Research and Emerging Trends
"written by international experts ... I would recommend this book as adjunct material" from Gut Microbes (2020) read more ...
Edited by: Takashi Matsumoto and Yoshio Yamaoka,
Essential reading for everyone working with human microbiota, probiotics and prebiotics.

Protozoan Parasitism review

Excerpt from a book review of Protozoan Parasitism: From Omics to Prevention and Control
"The book is well organized and concise. It is well illustrated and documented. The content will be of interest to protozoologists including researchers in academic as well as biotechnology positions, faculty teaching advanced courses, plus advanced undergraduate and graduate students." from SIMB News (2020) 69: 30-31 read more ...
Edited by: Luis Miguel de Pablos Torró and Jacob-Lorenzo Morales
Expert international authors review the current hot-topics in this area to provide an up-to-date overview. Essential reading!

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference

4th Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology West Coast Conference

June 18 - 19, 2020 San Diego, USA Further information

SMi's 4th Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology West Coast Conference. Novel approaches and best practices for tackling current industry contaminaiton control challenges. The pharmaceutical microbiology industry has seen many changes during the progression into the 21st century. With advances in rapid microbiological methods, revised industry regulation, enhanced knowledge of innovative therapies, novel testing methods, this industry is ever expanding. Join industry experts to discuss the latest topics and pressing challenges within the industry. Network with industry professionals, discuss revisions in regulatory and guidance documents, explore data integrity considerations and approaches for conventional and rapid microbiology methods, discuss optimised environmental monitoring to best control contamination and gain insight into an industry perspective on alternative endotoxin testing methods and process automation, all contributing to better management of contamination in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Avian Virology review

Excerpt from a book review of Avian Virology: Current Research and Future Trends
"the first textbook that provides a comprehensive and detailed account of major avian viruses that is both easy to understand and advanced enough for avian virologists. The book holds to its title and describes current research and future trends for about 13 major viral pathogens of global poultry health importance ... this book is a must-have for anyone whose daily activities require detailed knowledge of the biology, pathogenesis, immune response, prevention, and control of avian viruses. For avian virologists, this book is a ready reference for the latest information surrounding the major avian viruses and is well worth the investment." from JAVMA (2019) 255(12): 1356 read more ...
Edited by: Siba K. Samal
"a nice introduction to avian virology" (Doodys)

Prions review

Excerpt from a book review of Prions: Current Progress in Advanced Research (Second Edition)
"The information provided in this book is comprehensive, accurate, and presented in an informative and logical manner ... valuable to research scientists ... goes into great detail about cellular mechanisms and current and past theories of prion biology ... this book is well written and comprehensive, and any research scientist who studies prion diseases should have this book in their reference library. Veterinary practitioners who work with species susceptible to prion diseases, particularly large cattle and sheep production facilities, should also consider purchasing this book. It contains valuable information on the pathogenesis and spread of prion diseases in affected species as well as effective decontamination procedures because inactivation of prions is quite different from that for conventional infectious disease agents." from JAVMA (2019) 255: 1356-1357 read more ...
Edited by: Akikazu Sakudo and Takashi Onodera
Essential reading for everyone working with prions from the PhD student to the experienced scientist.
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