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Prions and Prion Diseases: Current Perspectives

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editor: Glenn C. Telling University of Kentucky, USA
Publication date: May 2004
ISBN-10: 0-9545232-6-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-9545232-6-8
Pages: xii + 308

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In recent years, research into prions and prion diseases has progressed at an impressive pace. In this book internationally renown experts provide an up to date description of the great advances made in our understanding of prions and prion diseases in recent years. This volume provides a comprehesive overview of the pathogenesis, molecular biology, biochemistry, cellular biology, animal models and immunology of prions and follows from and expands on our highly acclaimed book "Prions: Molecular and Cellular Biology".

The book is essential to all researchers working in this highly topical field and is recommended reading for scientists in other areas of biology and medicine.

Key Features:

* Detailed Discussions of Cutting Edge Topics
* Expert International Authors
* Fully Up-To-Date
* Broad Coverage
* Comprehensive Reference Section
* Useful Index


"The quality of the science is high ... (The book) should be read by those working in this field." from Microbiology Today (2004) 31: 200.

"... essential to all researchers working in this highly topical field and is recommended reading for scientists in many other areas of biology and medicine. The volume is on a scientific high level but also 'outsiders' will find part of the volume fascinating to explore. Anyway the volume will be a gold mine for the pharmaceutical industry." from International Journal of Food Microbiology (2004) Reviewed by Niels Skovgaard, Denmark.

"Recommended for researchers in the field and academic libraries" from E-Streams (2005) Vol. 8 No. 4 Reviewed by Eileen Heaser, Reference Librarian, California State University at Sacramento Library.

"... provides an excellent summary of the scientific methods and progress associated with this unusual etiological agent. The book is highly recommended" from SIM News (2005).

Chapter List:

Chapter 1: A Functional Role for a Copper Binding Prion Protein
Andrew R. Thompsett and David R. Brown

Chapter 2: Binding and Conversion Reactions Between Prion Protein Isoforms
Byron Caughey, Jay R. Silveira, Jonathan O. Speare and Gerald S. Baron

Chapter 3: The Prion Protein in Cell Culture
Jeremy P. Brockes and Nnennaya Kanu

Chapter 4: PrP Deletion Mutants
Surachai Supattapone and Judith R. Rees

Chapter 5: Targeting the Murine PrP Gene
Rona M. Barron and Jean C. Manson

Chapter 6: Transgenic Mouse Models of Prion Diseases
Karah Nazor and Glenn C. Telling

Chapter 7 : Peripheral Pathogenesis of Prion Diseases
Adriano Aguzzi

Chapter 8: Immunological Advances in Prion Diseases
R. Anthony Williamson

Chapter 9: Prnd and the Doppel Protein
David Westaway

Chapter 10: Cellular Control of Prion Formation and Propagation in Yeast
Yury O. Chernoff

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