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Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editor: Carlos Amábile-Cuevas Fundacion Lusara para la Investigacion Cientifica A.C., 08930, Mexico D.F.
Publication date: January 2007
ISBN: 978-1-904933-24-3 (hardback)
ISBN: 978-1-904933-45-8 (ebook)
Pages: vi + 202

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Antimicrobial resistance in bacteria is increasing at an alarming rate and presents an enormous global health challenge. Multi-drug resistance in particular is a major problem and severly compromises our ability to deal with infectious disease. The cost of the problem in terms of money, mortality and disability is also rising.

This book presents nine comprehensive and cutting-edge reviews on the current state of antimicrobial resistance. Special emphasis is placed on state-of-the-art research and the authors focus on novel approaches and new perspectives. Topics covered include new antibiotics, biofilm resistance, drug efflux, plasmid-mediated resistance, extended-spectrum beta-lactamases, monitoring of resistance, predicting the evolution of new resistance, antibiotic cycling, and a review of the system for the discovery and development of novel antibiotics. The chapters are unified in theme, however each stands alone in conveying the author's individual perspectives on the issue of antimicrobial resistance.

Written by experts in the field of antimicrobial resistance this book is a major new resource for microbiologists, molecular biologists, researchers, epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, medical practitioners, public health experts, and anyone interested in a review of the current research on antimicrobial resistance.

Chapter List:

Carlos Amabile-Cuevas

Chapter 1: New Antibiotics and the Threat of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
Anibal Sosa

Chapter 2: The Prevalence of Plasmids and Other Mobile Genetic Elements in Clinically Important Drug-Resistant Bacteria
Elizabeth M. Moritz and Paul J. Hergenrother

Chapter 3: Regulation of Efflux pumps in Enterobacteriaceae: Genetic and Chemical Effectors
Anne Davin-Regli and Jean-Marie Pagès

Chapter 4: Biofilms, Multi-Resistance and Persistence
Peter Gilbert, Andrew McBain and Sharon Lindsay

Chapter 5: A Latin American "Point de Vue" on the Epidemiology, Control and Treatment Options of Infections Caused by Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Producers
José Maria Casellas and Mirta G. Quinteros

Chapter 6: Monitoring Antimicrobial Resistance
Thomas F. O'Brien and John M. Stelling

Chapter 7: Predicting the Evolution and Emergence of New Antibiotic-Resistance Genes: An Important Element in Developing Antibiotics and Antibiotic Therapeutic Policy
Barry G. Hall

Chapter 8: Ecology and Economics of Cycling Antibiotics: Insights from Mathematical Modeling
Ramanan Laxminarayan and David L. Smith

Chapter 9: The Social Context of Drug Discovery and Safety Testing
Jack A. Heinemann and Joanna Goven

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