Caister Academic Press

Genome Mapping and Sequencing

Publisher: Horizon Scientific Press
Editor: Ian Dunham The Sanger Centre, Cambridge
Publication date: July 2003
ISBN-10: 1-898486-50-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-898486-50-3
Pages: viii + 470

Acknowledged experts in the field of DNA sequencing and mapping describe in detail the latest innovations in this vital area of science. The newest technology and procedures in areas such as radiation hybrid mapping, construction of libraries, YACs, FISH, assembly of physical maps, shotgun sequencing and specialized sequencing techniques are all fully covered. There is a particular emphasis on the whole chromosome approach to mapping and sequencing. In addition several chapters cover genomic sequencing software and sequence databases. Eminent international scientists describe the technology necessary to map and sequence the entire genome in a holistic manner and the high throughput and large-scale experimental methodologies currently available. An essential volume for everyone involved in DNA sequencing and mapping.

Key Features:

•   Completely up-to-date
•   Expert authors
•   Illustrated throughout
•   Comprehensive reference sections
•   Describes theory and practise
•   Focus on new technology and software


"the book ... present(s) protocols in a clear and detailed manner with useful preamble on strategy and a clear description of considerations in lieu of whole-genome sequencing projects." from Microbiology Today (2004) 31: 47.

Chapter List:

Chapter 1. Parameters of a new genome.
Hugues Roest Crollius.

Chapter 2. Radiation hybrid mapping - A whole chromosome approach.
Panos Deloukas.

Chapter 3. Construction of large-insert bacterial clone libraries.
Jeffrey Garnes, Marguerite Ciancio and Andreas Gnirke.

Chapter 4. The use of YACs in mapping and sequencing.
Michael A. Quail and Alan Coulson.

Chapter 5. Fluorescence In Situ Hybridisation, Flow-sorting and Related Technologies.
Susan Gribble.

Chapter 6. Assembling Physical Maps and Sequence Clone Selection.
Andrew J. Mungall and Sean J. Humphray.

Chapter 7. FPC: A Software Package for Physical Maps.
Fred Engler and Cari Soderlund.

Chapter 8. Mapping Pericentromeric Regions.
Devin P. Locke, Julie E. Horvath and Evan E. Eichler.

Chapter 9. Cloning, mapping, and sequencing telomeres.
Harold Riethman.

Chapter 10. Shotgun Sequencing.
M.C. Jones and S.K. Sims.

Chapter 11. Finishing Genomic Sequence and Dealing with Problem Sequences.
Adrienne R. Hunt, David L. Willey and Michael A. Quail.

Chapter 12. Software for Genomic Sequencing.
Michael C. Wendl, Asif T. Chinwalla, and LaDeana W. Hillier.

Chapter 13. Annotating Mammalian Genome Sequence.
John E. Collins and David M. Beare.

Chapter 14. Sequence Databases.
Gregory D. Schuler.


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