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Cold Shock Response and Adaptation

Publisher: Horizon Scientific Press
Editor: Masayori Inouye and K. Yamanaka Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA
Publication date: July 2000
ISBN-10: 1-898486-24-7 (hbk)
ISBN-13: 978-1-898486-24-4 (hbk)
Pages: iv + 147

"... a unique opportunity to access and review the literature on cold shock responses and adaptation within a single volume." Cryobiology Highly regarded authors review the current status of cold shock research in bacteria, plants, and mammals. Eminent scientists present fascinating insights into cellular adaptation and response to cold shock in various organisms and highlight the existence of common cellular functions which have to be dealt with for cold-shock adaptation. An essential reference book!

Key Topics:

•   Cold Shock in E. coli

•   Cold Shock in B. subtilis

•   Cold Shock in Psychrotrophic bacteria

•   Cold Shock in Cyanobacteria

•   Cold shock in plant cells

•   Cold shock in mammalian cells

Chapter List

•   Introduction
M. Inouye

•   Cold Shock Response in Escherichia coli
K. Yamanaka

•   Cold Shock Response in Bacillus subtilis
P. L. Graumann, and M. A. Marahiel

•   Cold Shock Response and Low Temperature Adaptation in Psychrotrophic Bacteria
M. Hebraud, and P. Potier

•   Responses to Cold Shock in Cyanobacteria
D. A. Los, and N. Murata

•   Molecular Responses of Plants to Cold Shock and Cold Acclimation
C. Guy

•   Cold Shock Response in Mammalian Cells
J. Fujita

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