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Molecular Biology: Current Innovations and Future Trends Part 2

Publisher: Horizon Scientific Press
Editor: A.M. Griffin and H.G. Griffin Norwich, UK
Publication date: October 1995
ISBN-10: 1-898486-03-4 (pbk), 1-898486-14-X (hbk)
ISBN-13: 978-1-898486-03-9 (pbk), 978-1-898486-14-5 (hbk)
Pages: 176

A further range of innovations in molecular biology is comprehensively covered in this major new volume. The most important advances and improvements in vital areas such as DNA and protein sequencing, non-radioactive labelling, electroporation, PNA and magnetic bead technology are described. The book also covers the applications of HPLC and NMR in molecular biology. Written by internationally renown scientists and packed with key protocols, applications and innovations, this book and is essential reading for all molecular biologists. An indispensable practical guide. Topics covered include:
•   automated DNA sequencing
•   protein sequencing
•   peptide nucleic acids (PNA)
•   magnetic bead technology
•   antisense technology and ribozymes
•   non-radioactive labelling and detection
•   electroporation
•   molecular phylogenetics
•   HPLC in molecular biology
•   NMR in molecular biology

Chapter List

•   Automated Reaction Assembly for Production-Scale DNA Sequencing. Lori A. Weinstock and Elaine R. Mardis.
•   High Sensitivity Protein Sequence Analysis using in situ Protease Digestion on PVDF Membranes, Biphasic Cartridge Sequencing and MALDI Mass Spectrometry. David W. Speicher, David F. Reim and Kaye D. Speicher.
•   Electroporation: A Powerful Tool for Introducing Foreign DNA into Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells. Jhy-Jhu Lin.
•   Non-Radioactive Labelling and Detection. Martin Cunningham, Adrian Simmonds and Ian Durrant.
•   Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA): A New Molecular Tool. Peter E. Nielson and Henrik Orum.
•   Magnetic Beads in Molecular Biology. Bjorn-Ivar Haukanes.
•   Antisense Technology and Ribosomes. D. Castanotto, E. Bertrand and J.J. Rossi.
•   Methods for Building Phylogenetic Trees of Genes and Species. Naruya Saitou.
•   Advances in Nucleic Acid Analysis by HPLC. Shigeori Takenaka and Hiroki Kondo.
•   Structure Elucidation of Proteins by NMR. Stefan M. V. Freund and Mark Bycroft.

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