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DNA Microarrays: Current Applications

Publisher: Horizon Bioscience
Editor: Emanuele de Rinaldis and Armin Lahm Institute of Molecular Biology Research, Pomezia, Italy
Publication date: January 2007
ISBN: 978-1-904933-25-0 (hardback)
ISBN: 978-1-904933-44-1 (ebook)
Pages: xii + 176 (+ 9 colour plates)

A new two-volume book "Lab-on-a-Chip Technology" was published in 2009. The book describes the recent innovations in the microarray field and the applications in the fields of medicine, molecular biology, biotechnology and bioscience.
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DNA microarrays are the modern, parallel version of classic molecular biology hybridization techniques allowing the exploration of thousands of sequences in a single run. The technique permits the complete analysis of genetic material and the monitoring of expression changes occurring in a biological sample under various conditions. Microarrays have been used successfully in various research areas including: sequencing, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection, characterization of protein-DNA interactions, DNA computing, mRNA profiling, and many more. Applications of microarrays in the biosciences include: gene expression studies, disease diagnosis, pharmacogenomics, drug screening, pathogen detection, and genotyping.

This book focuses on the current successful applications of microarrays in various areas of bioscience. The authors describe the use of microarrays to assist basic research and drug discovery by the generation of gene expression maps, the reconstruction of gene networks and the study of biochemical pathways, the classification of genes and biological samples, and a real case study on the transcriptional effects of vaccine treatment. An entire chapter is dedicated to applications of microarrays that do not involve gene expression.

This book is designed for researchers and students in all areas of biosciences.

Chapter List:

Chapter 1
Applications for DNA Microarrays: An Introduction
Emanuele de Rinaldis

Chapter 2
Gene Networks and Application to Drug Discovery
A. Ambesi, M. Bansal, G. Della Gatta and Diego di Bernardo

Chapter 3
Pathway Analysis of Microarray Data
Matteo Pellegrini and Shawn Cokus

Chapter 4
Toxicogenomics: Applications of Genomics Technologies for the Study of Toxicity
Uwe Koch

Chapter 5
Microarray Gene Expression Atlases
John C. Castle, Chris J. Roberts, Chun Cheng and Jason M. Johnson

Chapter 6
Supervised Classification of Genes and Biological Samples
Adrian Tkacz, Leszek Rychlewski, Paolo Uva and Dariusz Plewczynski

Chapter 7
A Case Study: the Mammary Carcinogenesis in HER2 Transgenic Mice
Federica Cavallo, Guido Forni, Anna Grassi, PierLuigi Lollini and Raffaele Calogero

Chapter 8
DNA Microarrays: Beyond mRNA
Armin Lahm

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